Emily Quinton

Personal growth, family, creativity, balance, neurodiversity

Hello! It’s lovely to have you here in my little corner of the internet, where I aim to bring you joy, creativity, inspiration and plenty of love.

I’m Emily Quinton and I live in London, UK with my husband Stef and our four children. We are a family that brings together the neurodiverse and the neurotypical to build a beautiful, strong, creative unit where we aim to grow alongside each other and inspire you to do the same.

For the past few years I have been committed to personal growth. As I have learnt new things and gone deeper into knowing myself and my purpose, I have felt a huge pull to share this with my family. Meditation, gratitude practice, mindfulness, positive affirmations, connection to nature, alongside daily creativity fill our home.

Through my writing, my creativity and my online courses I hope to inspire you to grow with your family and help you to live your best lives with all your heart.


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